Updating old mustang suspension

18-Nov-2017 23:14

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It makes the powertrain more exciting and rewards you for using the shifter more frequently, so we drive it harder.The primary downside is fuel economy: Our lifetime mpg is hovering around 15 (!! The other downside is that the frequency with which you want to shift actually slows the Mustang down when you're leaving from a stop light. Like any car enthusiast, I have a predilection for fast, loud, and rear-drive cars.Prices are being raised for the Mustang from 5 to 0 depending on the engine choice — and other than that, not much else is different except for some cosmetic updates.In particular, Ford is banishing the turn signals from Mustang's hood vents.

I didn't make an appointment, so I was quite pleased when I was immediately greeted by a porter and directed to a service advisor who helped me right away. by Mark Takahashi, Automotive Editor on February 9, 2016 Time is winding down for our long-term 2015 Ford Mustang GT, signaling my long slide into depression.Put some new wheels on the SRT8 and move it closer to the ground.Our M235i is cool, but put an exhaust on it and drop it, then suddenly you've got an infinitely cooler BMW.The question now is whether to get a potentially sweet deal on a 2015 'Stang or nab a 2016 model. One of our editors even proclaimed it his favorite car in the fleet.

The updates listed below may sway your opinion one way or the other. by Matt Jones, Senior Editor on February 19, 2016 We really enjoyed out time with the 2015 Ford Mustang GT. We kept it two months over schedule because it was so hard to part with. And although we really liked the 'Stang, the used car market just isn't as enamored with it as we are.It was a bold move at the time because Mustang loyalists were wary of any changes to the pony car they know and love.