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26-Jan-2018 16:01

The buyer here, I understand, only ever “purchased” the one item and never sold anything on e Bay.

Clearly he was sly to an extent that makes me wonder if e Bay is too much of a minefield for inexperienced sellers.

You will have to get a friend or family to sign up for you instead. Constantly changing details - Changing your details is offering your account for a rescreening.

If you change your bank details, address, or credit card details constantly, this will ertainly arouse suspicion.

Amazon announced that it will buy Whole Foods Market, Inc.

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I find the 30 day maturity period should be after the account has been verified. Physical sign up location - Always sign up for a paypal account in the country it’s registered to. Not only does it show you’re in a different location to where you say you are, but paypal CAN SEE it’s a proxy you are behind. Free email addresses - Not a big factor, but always something to try and avoid if possible.I’ve found 30 days is always good, similar to the maturity time for e Bay accounts. Verifying your account shows paypal you are who you are, you own the bank account and credit card, and you live in the location you specify.Those who claim they cannot verify their paypal accounts are obviously doing something dodgey.Your account will then get limited so you can re-verify these details. If you have any outstanding complaints on your account, be sure to resolve them within due course.

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The odd change won’t harm, but be sure not to go overboard. If you have several outstanding complaints, and you try to make a withdrawal - it’s likely you will get a limitation.For example, if your paypal address is a UK one, don’t try and sign up in the US. After all, someone trying to hide their real IP address will immediately raise suspicion. The idea that anyone can sign up for a free email address (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, hushmail, etc) gives one of anonaminity. Again it helps to show paypal you live in a fixed address with an internet connection of your own. Withdrawal amounts - Probably the main reason most accounts will get limited. Think, someone signs up a new account, and withdraws 1,500 in the first week. It seems that regardless of the amount, paypal often limit on the first transaction.