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Of course, she is very beautiful.” “When I first saw Susan Sarandon [Mom Racer] on the [Speed Racer] set—I was her biggest fan when I was young—so I went up to her and said, ‘Hi, Susan. So, I might just make a mistake in grammar or pronunciation. There are times when I think I didn’t do well enough for her.

IL JI MAE (2008) #2: VAMPIRE PROSECUTOR (2011) #3: THE FUGITIVE: PLAN B (2010) #4: GU FAMILY BOOK (2013) #5: CHUNO (2010) #6 KINGDOM OF THE WINDS (2008) #7: A LOVE TO KILL (2005) #8: A THOUSAND KISSES (2011) FAVORITE Rain songs: "BECAUSE OF YOU", "Get in The Car (Baby)", "Dear Mama Don't Cry", "얼마나 사랑하는지" (How Much I Love You, w/Byul/STAR), "Superman", "LA Song", "Instead of Saying Goodbye" Alternative/Grunge Rock version, "No No No", "Hip Song", "Props In My Life","Love Song", "Move On" Japanese version, "Even You", "The Empty Space", "Quiz", "Because I Was Too Hot", "Familiar Face", "Slowly", and "Don't Stop" FAVORITE RAIN SONGS: " Marilyn Monroe," "Get in The Car (Baby)", "September 12", "Slowly," "Even You," "Because of You," "Man Up", "Too Much," "Familiar Face," "Move On (Japanese)" Oh, good grief.

I asked myself is the pain I’m going through greater than what she is experiencing?

That guilt—a lot of it—I think comes from the time seeing my mother in bed ten days before she died. When I go home, there’s only one sentence conversations with my younger sister.

Park Ha Sun announced her pregnancy 3 months after their marriage. Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun Both actors met through MBC mini series 'Glamourous Temptation', then exchanged wedding vows after 2 years on May 25.

Both Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun were said to have partially donated their wedding gifts for charity purposes.5.

If a man really loves her, he should say, ‘Don’t meet him. [Aside to himself] ‘I’m really agitated about this?! When I dated, I always had in mind, ‘If I live with her, what kind of ideal family would we have? She said, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ We loved each other, but we broke up anyway, because I wanted to be a tree that could shelter her from the wind and the rain. But no, I don’t—I don’t get to feel what other people get to. To gain one thing, you have to sacrifice another.” “I want to date girls, but I’m sure those who work hard will agree—if you love what you are doing, you miss out on love. If you make a mistake even once, you’ll be scolded. Someone might say, “What hardship could you possibly have? There must be something that Bill Gates finds hard, such as how to manage his company?

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Someone who’s fun, who is a good cook, who enjoys the things I like, who looks good in jeans and a tee-shirt. Despite the regrets that I have, and the guilt that I have with my mother, I think I can now think of myself as her proud son and a good friend.” “My father is the drive to my life and gives me a place to relax, but my source of motivation is my mother. My younger sister is busy studying fashion design in college.

Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun Both Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun met on the set of MBC drama 'Two Weeks', where they gradually built their relationship and revealed their dating status in 2014.

The couple married on January 22 and are currently enjoying their newlywed life.

So, I said, ‘My situation is very bad, but I “If I could ensure my privacy, I think I would want to find a girl friend as soon as possible… I believe they might have earned it in their own way, but they have many people around to help them. [They say] ‘I don’t want to date her anymore, but I don’t want other men to date her either.’ They don’t need something, but they don’t want to give it to others. I am very much attached to my work.” “I think the career of an artist is like a double-edged sword.

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So, they keep things as back-ups.” “I want to show, in front of my girlfriend, the side of me that others can’t see. I like to hold hands and walk when I date.” “The gift of youth of the twenties?

Up to now, the date that was the most impressive and unforgettable to me was the day when I met my [ex] girlfriend for the first time. The twenties, when everyone else—dates other people?