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It looks like you can also use signals, which would probably be better as it means your QML application isn’t tied to your C implementation, but I haven’t yet got that working.

I have now found a way to use signals and slots to do this, which I will describe here.

Zero or more objects can listen for this signal using a slot, and act on it.

The signal doesn’t know if anything is listening to it, and the slot doesn’t know what object called it.

Processing is a good candidate to be what you are looking for when doing "heavy computation" things.

If you implement your algorithm as a processing algorithm, it will also be reusable by other code of yours.

When a user enters some input, you may want to do a number of things with it.

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It can also give the user an opportunity to abort (cancel) the operation.An example for doing this can be found in the QGIS repository from time import sleep class Test Task( Qgs Task ): def __init__(self, desc, time ): Qgs Task.__init__(self, desc ) self.time= time def run(self): wait_time = / 100.0 for i in range(101): sleep(wait_time) Progress(i) if Cancelled(): self.stopped() return self.completed() for time in range(10, 14): task = Test Task('wait '.format( time ), time ) Qgs Task Manager.instance()Task( task ) I used to suffer from this problem and didn`t find any simple way to solve it. Just open the python console and add the print code in during the loop.I’m still new to Qt, so this may not be the best way.I'm trying to develop a plugin, which does heavy computations and as a result, user interface becomes inactive. SIGNAL("current Index Changed(int)"), self.update_lts_field) Qt Core. If you want the user to be able to interact with the UI while the processing is taking place, that's another matter.

I know that I should use threads to keep the UI alive (specifically, I have a progress bar that I want to update), but my experience with threads is very limited. Also take a look at this question: How do I maintain a resposive GUI using QThread with Py QGIS process Events just allows all pending UI events to be processed and the display updated.

We'll start with Qt Gui Application using QDialog as a launching pad for the two types of QProgress Dialogs: Modal and Modeless.