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In one of his interventions in the same programme, Jetson spoke of encouraging men to take women to the hair salon by suggesting they change their hairstyle.

The presenters were asked if they believed that such comments detract from the bodily autonomy of wives. “I’m a pastor, and I have people coming for advice… ‘I want my wife to do this, I want my wife to do that’.

The woman managed to get away, ran out into the street naked and begged for help.

The online comments which ensued under this story ranged from hilarity (because apparently the thought of elderly people still having sex is considered by some to be a subject of ridicule) to actually for the man who was, after all, “only” trying to experiment, and anyway they were married for 42 years so the woman must have been happy with the situation.

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She has also released disco singles such as "Shame, Shame, Shame! She has appeared in films such as Party Girl, Wigstock: The Movie, Peoria Babylon, Starrbooty, and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! an annual drag queen festival that lasted until 2005.Rather than complaining, why don’t you do things together?” However, the presenters insisted that both partners should consent to the changes suggested towards one another, insisting that once again, the show’s comments were taken “out of context.” Perhaps the more controversial aspect of the Overcomer’s Chapel’s message was a social media post on their Facebook page, listing men’s basic needs as sexual fulfilment as the first priority, whereas women’s first need was affection and financial support.Not everyone was this insensitive, of course, and there were those who spoke out forcibly against the pathetic comments, but still, the very fact that people thought nothing of actually writing such comments in the first place, under their own name, makes the mind boggle.

In fact, their blasé approach to the incident seemed to echo the husband himself, who, according to one reporter’s description, sat in the dock completely perplexed as to why he was being charged in the first place.He then admitted that there was nothing he could do about his sexual behaviour, adding however, that he had always given his wife money.