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Lipophosphoglycan is a trigger for toll-like receptor 2, a signalling receptor involved in triggering an innate immune response in mammals.

The proposed groups Paraleishmania would include all the species in the genus Endotypanum and L. Leishmania possesses a lipophosphoglycan coat over the outside of the cell.

Leishmania species are unicellular eukaryotes having a well-defined nucleus and other cell organelles including kinetoplasts and flagella.

About 2 million new cases occur each year, and 21 species are known to cause disease in humans.

(V.) braziliensis has been proposed as the type species for this subgenus.

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The subgenus Endotypanum is unique in that the parasites of this subgenus infect the erythrocytes of their hosts (sloths). herreri may belong to the genus Endotypanum rather than to Leishmania.

The oldest lineage is that of the Bodonidae, followed by Trypanosoma brucei, the latter being confined to the African continent.

Depending on the stage of their lifecycle, they exist in two structural variants, as: The details of the evolution of this genus are debated, but Leishmania apparently evolved from an ancestral trypanosome lineage.

The four genera Leptomonas, Crithidia, Leishmania, and Endotrypanum form the terminal branches, suggesting a relatively recent origin.

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Trypanosoma cruzi groups with trypanosomes from bats, South American mammals, and kangaroos suggest an origin in the Southern Hemisphere. The remaining clades in this tree are Blastocrithidia, Herpetomonas, and Phytomonas.

Leishmania Viannia (generally located in the Neotropics) or Leishmania Leishmania (generally located in the Paleotropics, with the major exception of the L. Leishmania currently affects 12 million people in 98 countries.