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Sina was only 16, and she allegedly served up to 30 customers a day. Marian, worried about police raids, eventually sent her back to Romania.But she returned and continued to work as a prostitute.Five years after it was introduced, the Family Ministry evaluated what the new legislation had achieved.The report states that the objectives were "only partially achieved," and that deregulation had "not brought about any measurable actual improvement in the social coverage of prostitutes." Neither working conditions nor the ability to exit the profession had improved.Working conditions for prostitutes have "worsened in recent years," says Weppert.

Marian delivered her to the "No Limit," a flat-rate brothel.Today "a high percentage of prostitutes don't go home after work, but rather remain at their place of work around the clock," a former prostitute using the pseudonym Doris Winter wrote in a contribution to the academic series "The Prostitution Law." "The women usually live in the rooms where they work," she added.In Nuremberg, such rooms cost between €50 and €80 a day, says social worker Weppert, and the price can go up to €160 in brothels with a lot of customers.According to Brand, the real numbers are most likely even worse since many of the migrants have had bad experiences with police officers in their home countries and were therefore unlikely to make a complaint.

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Violent incidents in asylum centres in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia have come under increased scrutiny since the Cologne migrant sex attacks and a subsequent mass brawl in an asylum centre in Dortmund.It was like a scene out of "Cinderella." All the girls dreamed that a man would come one day to rescue them from their gloomy lives.

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