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Even thought I’ve never tried Tales Runner I have seen it around, but I can’t control anything thats related to sports or driving so why on earth would I try it? Tales Runner offers easy controls, with a easy to learn tutorial with great rewards!=D Alright so it’s not your typical fantasy related MMORPGs that your probably looking for but I can guarantee you that Tales Runner is something your just going to love.

When you first create a character in Wonder Land you choose different people, they have different looks, stats and beginner skills but you also get 6 additional stats when you create your character to make it fit your future.

You race by foot not by car, you can Swim, Run, Sprint, Double Jump, and even Fly on some tracks.

The standard 8-man race it’s all about reaching the goal before anyone else, where you can pick up capsules which can give you bonuses or give the other people around you bad things.

Farm items, plans, animals and background all costs TR but you get quite a lot just by paying those 1000TR for the first time which means you don’t need to wait and save TR to start your farm and grow plants and animals: You can start right away and you can also let the farm be open to the public and your friends so you can have a party!

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Alchemy is also another thing they offer which is good but personally I find it annoying: At the end of every race you have a chance to get a card, each race track has it’s own set of cards.I also want to mention the fact that Trickster always have events, and not just one event but many events at the same time. Trickster Online, Hosted by n TREEV What made me Like Trickster? Some of these features are fishing, farming, dating and construction system.