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In this interview, he tells what it feels like, and whether it’s changed him. When you’ve’ got a label like that stuck on you, you’re a has-been at 20.

Dynamite: Do you think your good looks get in the way of being taken seriously? But I try to change my looks to fit the parts I play. Usually it’s just a change of hairstyle and expression, and the way the character moves.

It deals with kids and what they’re really thinking. In those days, I wasn’t into reading, but I saw a Hinton book called That Was Then, This Is Now. , and I got to meet Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster. But [think they’re all too busy with their careers to have time for dates.

The two kids on the cover looked pretty cool, so I picked it up and really got hooked by it. But they’re so down-to-earth, you wouldn’t guess they were stars.

The film landed her on the cover of Time, and co-star Olivier described her as "the next Grace Kelly".

She later starred in the delightful Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains with Laura Dern and Christine Lahti.

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Still, she earned enough in her early stardom that Lane became a millionaire on her 18th birthday.She starred in a series of films for Francis Ford Coppola, including Rumble Fish and The Outsiders, both with Matt Dillon, and the large-scale flop The Cotton Club with Richard Gere.She turned down Splash, which instead made a star of Daryl Hannah, and Lane's own star faded with a few further flops, until TV's Lonesome Dove with Robert Duvall briefly reignited her career.We were shooting outside, and the crowds of teenagers got there before sunup every morning, and hung around all day. They were calling up in the middle of the night and following me all around town. Dynamite: How has your sudden fame changed your life? But I maintain my level head by living at home with my family in Mamaroneck (NY).

Sometimes having all those girls around can get on your nerves. Bixby, the little town we filmed in, got to seem pretty crowded. Matt: It’s the most honest screenplay I’ve ever done. Hinton, and I’ve been a fan of her books since I was in junior high. I’ve got a big family with four brothers and one sister — and I lean on it. Dynamite: Have you dated many young female stars in Hollywood?She was just weeks past her 13th birthday when she made her Broadway debut in The Cherry Orchard with Meryl Streep and Raul Julia.