Dating kentucky lachey miss nick

11-Sep-2017 20:44

(In the name of research, we also visited the web presence of the aforementioned brunette to confirm her hair color and relative bustiness, and she checks out on both counts.

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\n Nick Lachey could single-handedly make the saying "nice guys finish last" vanish into obscurity.

After all, he's got a lovesick image to maintain and a single to promote. [IMDb] • So howzabout that rehabbing congressman Patrick Kennedy?

Turns out that before he was popping prescription painkillers, he was a coked up young legislator wearing blackface to daddy's parties. [ — in fact, Rosie O' Donnell's arrival was conditional on Jones' departure, a demand Barbara Walters was all too happy to meet. On one hand, we won't have to look at Star's melting face anymore; on the other, now we'll never get to see her and Rosie wrestle in a pool of poop soup.

Simpson's father/manager/creepy stringpuller Joe Simpson put in a call, TMZ reports, attempting to convince his former son-in-liability to take the money and run: • You may find this hard to believe, but Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes likely have no plans to marry.

They do, of course, have plans to endure one another for the proper amount of time before he abruptly dumps her and she tries save her career. [Awful Truth] • Miss Kentucky 2002 offers herself up to Nick Lachey during the Derby parties, but he politely declines.

Where the hell is the manny when this stuff happens?