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29-Nov-2017 09:53

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Throughout the house there will be up to 100 cameras streaming life inside live, in High Definition, 24 hours per day.

Cameras will be placed in all living areas, party and bar areas, swimming pool, gym and spa areas, the outdoor kitchen and hot tub area and in the bedrooms and bathrooms all of which broadcast live pictures and audio to our paying customers.

Member to Hero and Legendary Avatar The following stakes will be awarded for each week completed: Sorry, we can’t include the following boards towards your total Investor games, Politics, Society, Archival, Tips, Press, Games and round, Beginners, Help, Off Board, Off-Topic, Auctions Your status will be updated weekly and can be viewed here Exclusive marketing campaign If you feel you can offer us a beneficial marketing and publicity package, please contact us at Bounty Distribution One week after the ICO closes, your final amount of stakes will be published and added to the balance of your ROC account.

For every ROC token sold during the crowd sale, 0.0333333333 ROC will be emitted to the bounty pot.

Essentially, it’s a testing bed for the whole project, a demonstration for our ICO contributors and is the stepping stone to Phase 2.

Phase 2 involves construction of a large broadcast studio housing 90 of our models, there will be 30 Live Show rooms for our models to perform to the public as well as large living and party areas, a gym, spa, swimming pool, bedrooms and of course 90 new cameras broadcasting everything 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

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Each repost will earn you the following amount of stakes. The number of followers you have is set by us from the beginning when you register with us and any increase in your amount of followers after your registration cannot be included in this campaign.

Within the house we will also have up to 30 Live Show rooms.

These live show rooms are private rooms where our models perform on camera broadcast to a live audience.

Free access is gained simply by signing up as a member.

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Members can then purchase credits and these credits can be used to pay for access to 90 live cameras, to tip models, to pay for private shows, to buy gifts for our models from the gift shop and to have access to 24 hour replay of all cameras.Viewers can chat in an open chat room and tip the model at anytime or they can engage in a private show with the model.

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