A guide to christian dating

23-Jun-2017 21:44

Slowly, your hope begins to trickle away, like the passing of sand through an hour glass.

But the truth is that we live in an age in which 30s are the new 20s.

Relationships will always be a part of your life, but friends and family won’t.

Use this time to enjoy the people around you- not for what they have to offer you, but for what you have to offer them.

I am a huge fan of relationships and healthy marriage - but with that said I am here to proclaim that your value has nothing to do with your relationship status, and everything to do with a God who has made you whole, complete, and lacking nothing…all while standing alone.

Yet with that out on the table, I remember so vividly the struggles of singleness - the days of navigating through life, extremely aware of, and sometimes fed up with my aloneness.

The seeds of interest, passions, and talents were planted in my teens, but they grew into significance within my 20s.

Don’t give into those lies, and rather see this as a chance to invest in the relationship that will one day encompass your life.