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I always assumed they were etiquette 101 and had always been the same. My more modern copy of Emily Post’s (16th edition, 1997), has a very long list of anniversaries 1-20, then in five-year increments until year 60, then 70 and 75 are recognized.Here are the first ten years from her list: 1: Paper or Plastics 2: Calico or Cotton 3: Leather or simulated leather 4: Silk or synthetic material 5: Wood 6: Iron 7: Copper or wool 8: Electrical appliances 9: Pottery 10: Tin or aluminum I dug deep into the etiquette archives to try to determine when this tradition started. I was surprised to find them called “Anniversary Weddings”: Celebrating Anniversary Weddings is a very pleasant custom which is coming gradually into general favor.With most men, however, the sensation of water raining onto their bodies causes them to inflate their chests, and fling their limbs about generally.

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The collection sparked the idea for this site, then a book, Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage, which has inspired an Off-Broadway production of the same name!We’re in the midst of planning a bathroom renovation, and although the driving force behind it is to replace the tub with a deep one that I can actually bathe in, I was amused to find this advice about “Installing a Shower-Bath.” It appears in The House-Owner’s Book, written by Allen L.Churchill and Leonard Wickenden in 1928 (the decade our house was born).These predecessors to the health and hygiene films of the 1950s are fantastic.

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I posted these over on Facebook but they deserve a more permanent blog post, so here you are: First up is one for the men: Enjoy!

In , an etiquette book published in 1903, a suggestion is made to recognize anniversaries much later, though the concept remains the same and the earlier years are described for the benefit of those who want to celebrate sooner: Wedding anniversaries are not generally observed until the twenty-fifth year ~ “the silver wedding.” There are people, however, who find pleasure in presenting their married friends with appropriate remembrances on some, if not all, of the established anniversaries.

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